1How soon after my car wreck should I see a chiropractor?
Do NOT wait to be examined! Even if you feel normal after your car wreck, with no symptoms, you should be thoroughly examined. Your health is our number one priority. We don’t want you to suffer long-term consequences, like arthritis, because you didn’t get examined and treated when you could have. In fact, to make sure you’ll be seen immediately, we block out appointment times every day to make sure we can see people who’ve been in car wrecks.
2Are Adjustments the only thing chiropractors do?
A proper chiropractic adjustment is one of the single most powerful experiences that you can have in achieving overall health and wellness. Our chiropractic doctors are well versed in Active Release Methods, kinesiotaping, trigger point therapy, nutritional counseling, supplement recommendations, hot/cold therapy, rehabilitative, therapeutic at home exercises/stretches and intersegmental traction.
3How quickly can I see a doctor at Liringis Chiropractic and do you have extended hours?
We at Liringis Chiropractic pride ourselves in offering same day appointments. In fact, we offer extended hours to work around your schedule. Plus feel free to call right away!
4How much will my treatment cost?
It will cost you absolutely NOTHING to be treated at Liringis Chiropractic if your injuries are from a car wreck that wasn’t your fault. Don’t worry if your case is denied by the insurance adjuster. We’re different. We will NOT charge you for our services. Most chiropractors will.
5How long will my treatment take?
It depends on how fast your body responds to care because no two people are alike. After examining you, our chiropractor will develop a customized treatment plan and give you an approximate time frame for how long your treatment will take. We will treat you for what you need; no more, no less.
6Should I see a chiropractor even if I’m not hurting right after the car wreck?
Yes! We strongly recommend that you take a little time and come in for a free evaluation. If you’re ok, then it hasn’t cost you anything. However, a lot of people don’t hurt immediately after a car wreck. Let one of our doctors check you out for free, just to make sure you’re ok.
7Should everyone in the car be examined, including children?
Definitely. Like we said, even if they’re not in pain they should see us just to make sure they’re not injured. It’s free. It doesn’t take long. And we might catch an injury no one knew about. Also, medical studies show that since children’s bodies are smaller, they typically don’t handle trauma as well as adults. Therefore, they can benefit from chiropractic care, just like adults.
8Do you take x-rays?
Yes. There’s no need to go to the hospital emergency room. We realize your time is valuable. So we won’t make you wait like the ER does. And just like with treatment, you don’t have to pay for x-rays so long as you’re seeing us because of a car wreck that wasn’t your fault.
9Can I still be treated if I received a traffic ticket (i.e. No driver’s license, tags expired, etc…) but the car wreck wasn’t my fault?
Yes. No problem at all, even if the insurance adjuster doesn’t like it we’ll treat you for free. Our main concern is getting you out of pain.
10Do I need a referral to see you?
No. You don’t need a medical referral to see us. In fact, we recommend that you see us first because we are specially trained to treat car wreck victims.
11Do gaps in medical/chiropractic treatment reduce the amount of money the insurance company will pay to settle your case?
Insurance companies look for any excuse they can find to pay you as little money as possible. If you don't get medical/chiropractic treatment for your injuries, they will say that you're not hurt as bad as you say you were and/or your pain wasn't caused by the wreck. So seek chiropractic care as soon as you possibly can after your accident. Our chiropractors are trained to take your medical history, complete exam and determine what treatment you need. They're also very well trained in how to document your wreck caused your injuries, caused your pain, caused you to miss work etc. If you decide you need a lawyer you already have the proper paperwork they will need to help get you a better settlement.



It can’t be said enough – Your health and the
health of my employees are my priority, and
every decision I make is through that lens. I
want to make sure the approach I’m taking to
reopen my clinic is thoughtful, and that I’ve
created a clinic environment that is safe for
everyone. Some of the updates I have made to my clinic
to help keep everyone healthy are:

  1. Conduct health screenings of all employees
    and patients (including use of Infrared No
    Touch Forehead Thermometer).
  2. Provide disposable face covering masks
    (3 layers) to all employees and patients.
  3. Provide disposable shoe covers for all
    employees and patients.
  4. Gloves are worn by all staff members.
  5. Taking steps to allow for social distancing of six feet or more including limiting number of patients in the clinic.
  6. Increasing cleaning and sanitization of office and equipment. Equipment will be sanitized after each use.
  7. Constantly sanitizing our hard surface areas and chairs after every patient coming through the doors.
  8. Hand sanitizers will be located throughout the office.
  9. Altering hours of operation to give employees time to accomplish cleaning and sanitizing.

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