How Do Chiropractors Treat Foot and Ankle Injuries

Chronic foot or ankle pain and unresolved ankle sprain injuries are the most common untreated injures in most of the general population. Ankle inversion sprains are very commonly seen in the majority of ankle pain injuries.

If not diagnosed and treated early enough, you can have ongoing problems throughout your life, eventually causing other biomechanical problems, such as lower back pain.

Ankle inversion sprains normally occur due to injury of the anterior talofibular ligament. A slightly inverted ankle and flexed plantar causes stress on that ligament. Occasionally, the posterior talofibular ligament and the calcaneofibular ligament may be involved in the injury as well.

Our chiropractor can evaluate, diagnose, and treat ankle injuries by using chiropractic services. Adjustments specifically for correcting extremities, such as the ankle, can be combined with the use of pain-relieving and stabilization exercises and therapies.


Steps to Help Your Foot or Ankle Injury Heal Properly

When treating a foot or ankle injury, whether acute or chronic, swelling must first be reduced. Swelling can slow your healing process and allow scar tissue to grow. This growth of scar tissue can cause an increase in the immobilization of the ankle injury. By using the RICE system – Rest-Ice-Compress-Elevate – you can minimize the swelling of the injury. It’s important to place a firm bandage, such as an ace wrap, on your ankle or foot injury to allow the swelling to decrease and the blood to return to your heart.

Only ice should be placed on your injured area for the first 4 to 5 days. Heat can be added to at-home therapies starting around day 5, and only once your swelling has been reduced. Both of these modalities should be utilized when required: 2 to 3 times a day for 15 to 20 minutes each. Your chiropractor will also provide some easy, nonweight-bearing exercises to incorporate at home. These exercises will help establish and reeducate your foot or ankle to its full range of motion during your treatment.

Once we have ensured that no ligament tears have taken place, your chiropractor will recommended that your ankle or foot injury be taped so that you can begin weight-bearing exercises. Taping your foot or ankle will help provide stability during these exercises and reeducate the proprioception of the extremity to keep any future reinjures from reoccurring. Any and all sports or rigorous activities should be avoided for the first 2 to 3 weeks, depending on the severity of your ankle or foot injury.

What If Your Foot and Ankle Injuries Need Further Care?

Some foot or ankle injuries may require further evaluation if the severity of the injury may cause some form of casting, or bracing, to take place. That’s why it’s so important not to self-diagnose your injuries. Always see a certified chiropractic physician who can help evaluate and treat your injury effectively.



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